Cuvette Holders / Peltier Cuvette Holder CH-QPOD2e

The CH-QPOD® 2e (Quantum Northwest, Inc.) is a complete sample compartment for fiber optic spectroscopy, including a Peltier-controlled cuvette holder with magnetic stirring, and fused silica lens systems with SMA fiber optic connectors. The qpod 2e housing contains a PID temperature controller that is operated via Bluetooth wireless or USB using the computer program Q-Blue.

​• Peltier temperature control
​• Temperature range from -30 to +110 ºC
​• USB or wireless Bluetooth control
​• Magnetic stirring and dry gas purge

The qpod 2e is available in three different packages. The CUV-qpod 2e-ABSKIT provides collimating optics to pass light straight through for absorbance, transmittance or turbidity measurements. The CUV-qpod 2e-FLKIT provides imaging lens systems for excitation and detection of fluorescence emission at right angles. The CUV-qpod 2e-MPKIT is a multipurpose kit with a combination of optics that may be used for either absorbance or fluorescence measurements.

The qpod 2e is constructed of a single molded housing. The cuvette holder in the center provides temperature control and variable speed magnetic stirring, and holds optical slits to limit light into the samples. A dry gas purge may be used to avoid condensation when working at low temperatures. SMA fiber optic connections and high quality fused silica optics may be inserted in different combinations into optical ports located in the walls surrounding the cuvette holder. Accessories such as polarizers and filter holders may be inserted in the light paths. Spherical mirrors may be used to enhance excitation or emission signals. All optics provide focusing and position adjustments for maximizing signal throughput.

Parameter Value
Temperature range -30º C to +105º C
Temperature precision ±0,01º C
Temperature accuracy ±0,15º C
Probes accepted Standard 400 and 500 series thermistor
Standard cuvette size 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm O.D.
Cuvette Z height 8.5 mm


Ordering Information
QPOD2e cuvette holder base unit CH-QPOD2e
QPOD2e Absorbance/Transmission measurements CH-QPODe-ABSKIT
QPOD2e for Fluorescence measurements CH-QPOD2e-FLKIT
QPOD2e for either Absorbance or Fluorescence CH-QPOD2e-MPKIT
AR-coated fused-silica collimating lens CH-QCL-UV
AR-coated fused-silica imaging lens doublet CH-QIL-UV
Spherical mirror plug with steering plate CH-QMP
Filter holder for 12.5 mm diameter filter CH-QFH
Polarizer for mounting on the QIL-UV lens system CH-QPOL-47-215
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