Cuvette Holders / Cuvette Holder

Sarspec’s Cuvette Holder - CH is a flexible accessory that can be used to perform Absorbance/Transmittance and Fluorescence measurements. Each configuration is easily interchangeable for both types of measurement and can optionally be performed simultaneously. 

​• Suitable for Absorbance and Fluorescence 
​• Small, flexible and affordable
​• Rack for four cuvettes 
​• Cover included for photosensitive samples
​• Fiber optic couple with SMA905 connectors
​• Collimating lenses with adjustable focal length



The combination of Sarspec spectrometers and light sources with Sarspec’s Cuvette Holder allows every user to select the application just by unscrewing the connector and screwing it back into a different position.

Sarspec’s Cuvette Holder includes a rack specially built for productivity improvement – with the CH-RACK the common spilling of a sample is less probable. This special rack holds four 10 mm pathlength cuvettes. Cover to reduce stray light and avoid the degradation of photosensitive samples is also included.

The cuvette holder can be ordered with a direct attch option that increase significantly the sensitivity in Fluorescence measurements. This option connects the cuvette holder directly to the light source maximizing the light intensity on the sample.                     

Sarspec's cuvette holder CH can be used for Absorbance / Transmitance and Fluorescence measurements just by changing the position of the lens.

Absorbance Fluorescence
Parameter Value
Applications Absorbance/Transmittance, Fluorescence or both
Wavelength range 180-2000+ nm
Z dimension 15 mm 
Fiber connection SMA 905 (adjustable position)
Pathlength 10 mm
Collimating lenses 6 mm UV Fused Silica f = 10 mm
Number of ports 3 (0º, 90º, 180º)
Dimensions 85 mm x 80 mm x 45 mm
Dimensions with rack attachment 85 mm x 100 mm x 45 mm
Ordering information
Cuvette Holder CH
Direct Attach for CH CH-DA



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