Collimating lenses / Collimating Lens

The main characteristic is the ability to create a well-directed beam with a well-defined diameter, allowing therefore a uniform illumination of the sample in study by converting divergent beans of light into a parallel beam. For this to occur, the light emitting element must be placed at the focus of the lens.On the other side, if the incident light is already collimated the collimating lens will focus the light in its focal distance.

All of our collimators covers the UV-VIS-NIR range and have a two-part housing of aluminium, a screw to adjust the position of the SMA connector, allowing users to adjust the focus. 

Sarspec has available two types of collimators with 6 mm and 12.7 mm lens.

  Standard CL Large Diameter CL
Lens diameter 6 mm 12.7 mm
Lens confocal length 10 mm 25 mm
Lens material UV Fused Silica
Threads UNF 3/8''-24 and UNS 1/4''-36 for SMA M18 and UNS 1/4''-36 for SMA
Wavelength range 180-2000+ nm (UV/Vis/NIR)
Product Reference
Standard CL CL1
Large diameter CL CL2



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