Process control

It is critical for industries nowadays to have accurate process information at the correct time and spectroscopy is an important tool used in process control. This area of the engineering is present in many industries or companies and Sarspec portable ao powerfull spectrometers will help you improve your results and production lines. 
In the chemical field, it is necessary to monitor chemical processes in supercritical fluids and absorbance will be important in this study. Sarspec has an Absorbance SPEC Pack FLOW that contains a spectrometer STD UV/Vis/NIR, a light source LS-DW, two optical fibers and a flow cell FCAPE.

With Raman technique it is possible to keep up with the progress of reactions or in respect of concentration assurance in a broad field of chemistry, it is useful to follow the progress of polymerization reactions.
On-line Raman sensors also can provide the feedback measurements necessary for advanced process controls (APCs).

In the plastic industry, Raman spectroscopy can be used to identify several monomers in different materials. Besides the plastic industry exists many more that rely on spectroscopy in their factories such as pharmaceutical, biofuel, food and beverage or water. For Raman and Fluorescence experiments we advise you the Sense+ FL spectrometer which was designed to grant the best sensitivity.

This can provide process control solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-fuel, food and beverage, transformer, water, oil and many other industries. Our world class applications team and supply chain partners are ready to provide you with a solution for your process control needs.

- LED production

- Determination of concentration on solutions

- Lens and filters transmittance characterization

- Surface analyses by specular reflectance

- Substances identification by NIR or Raman

- Color measurement